Loki University

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This site is being moved in its entirety to http://lokiuniversity.proboards.com/

Loki University is a school for those who wish to learn more about the Lokean path. We believe that all deities have agency, and it is important to develop strong relationships with the gods we choose to honor. We focus on Loki, as he is a deity often misrepresented within society, and that makes it harder for people who wish to honor him to find the necessary resources.

Loki is a balancing force. He is a true chaotic neutral, and he keeps the world in balance. That means walking his path is often fraught with changes and difficult decisions. Loki, despite his title as Master of Deceit, doesn’t allow those who honor him to lie to themselves. He respects strength, despises victimhood, and hangs out at the fringes of society.

Our school is intended for those who find themselves on the fringes of Paganism and Heathenry, who find themselves needing to make a connection with a god like Loki. This school is a temple to Loki, and everyone who enters it honors Him.

Welcome travelers.

And Hail Loki.

We are also sponsoring Loki’s Torch, which is currently accepting submissions.

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An Online School for Lokeans