All students are required to take the three background courses and the five polytheism courses. These eight courses form the core curriculum of the school. Students are also required to take three electives, which includes any other course offered. All courses are worth three credits. To complete this course of study, students must complete a total of 33 hours of coursework as well as a graduation project.

All the courses are designed to be both theoretical and practical. Each course has a heavy reading and writing portion, as well as an in-depth practical portion. Learning happens most readily when theory and practice are combined, which is the model we’ve used in designing the courses. For this reason, students may not enroll in more than six credits at a time.

Each course consists of twelve units. Each unit will consist of a theoretical portion and a practical portion. There will be a 2-part final to each course – a theoretical portion and a practical portion.

You’ll find further enrollment requirements here.

You’ll find information about the graduation project here.

Background Courses

BGD 101: Introduction to Loki.

BGD 102: Loki’s Role in the Myths.

BGD 103: Loki’s Role in the Eddas.

Core Courses

PTM 101: Introduction to Devotional Polytheism.

PTM 102: Prayers and Offerings for Loki.

PTM 103: Rituals for Loki.

PTM 201: Lokean UPG.

PTM 202: Loki’s Functions.


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