Enrollment Requirements

While the classes are offered free of charge, students must purchase their own materials. This may include books, art supplies, and ritual supplies.

To be accepted into the school, prospective students must submit a short essay explaining why they are interested in taking the courses we offer. The paper needs to be structured as follows:

  • Cover page with Title, Student Name (Legal Name), and Date
    • For the date, use the date of submission rather than the date you wrote the paper
  • Topic: Why you want to enroll
  • 2-3 pages double-spaced Times New Roman or Arial 12pt font
  • Pages numbered in the top right corner with student’s last name in the header.
  • Reference page, if any references are used.
    • Anything resembling plagiarism will not be accepted.
      • If you’re not sure what constitutes plagiarism, see this article.
  • The paper needs to be sent as an email attachment to lokiswyrdlings@gmail.com
    • The attached file may be in .doc, .docx, or .pdf.
      • All other file-types will be discarded.

For Guaranteed Admission

For guaranteed admission, a student’s essay needs to follow all the formatting rules above. In addition, the paper must have been thoroughly edited for grammar and spelling. The paper will also be on topic and well-organized.



First Course

Once you are accepted as a student, you will be enrolled in BGD 101: Introduction to Loki. You will receive an email with the password to unlock the course site as soon as you are accepted.

Second Course Onwards

To be accepted into any course past BGD 101: Introduction to Loki, students will need to submit a certificate of completion for the perquisite courses. These certificates of completion will be awarded to each student after successfully completing a course.

Pace Requirements 

The curriculum is designed to take three years to complete with each course taking about four months. Since people learn at different rates, however, the courses are self-paced.

Alternative Enrollment 

If  you have a disability that prevents you from submitting an essay, please email lokiswyrdlings@gmail.com with the subject line: Alternative Enrollment Request. The body of the email should read, “I’d like more information on the alternative enrollment options. Thanks, Student Name.”

We will then send you an email with other options you can pursue for enrollment acceptance. We will do our best to make this school as accepting and inclusive as possible.


An Online School for Lokeans

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