To graduate, students must have completed 33 hours of coursework and a graduation project. Once a student has 24 hours of coursework completed, it is recommended they start working on their graduation project. Once a graduation project is completed, it must be emailed to for evaluation. All graduation projects will go through at least two rounds of evaluation.

Graduation Project Options

Option A: Design a course to be added to the course list at the school.

Option B: Write a 15-20 page reflection paper about Loki and everything you’ve learned at the school.

Option C: Write a 10-15 page research paper about Loki.

Option D: Write and lead a ritual to Loki with a group of at least three other people. The ritual must be recorded. A 5-10 page reflection must accompany the recording.


Post Graduation 

If you chose Option A for your graduation project, you will be offered the chance to teach the course you have designed.

If you chose Option B or Option C, you will be offered the chance to have your paper displayed on the public pages of the school.

If you chose Option D, you will be offered the chance to have your ritual recording and reflection incorporated into the examples of the ritual course.

It is recommended that you continue on with the school in some way, as reciprocity is a large part of walking a Polytheist path. If you choose not to do so, however, we will respect your decision and wish you well on your future forays down the Lokean path.


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