Ky Greene (she/her/hers)

I guess you could call me the head of the school, but I’m not fond of titles. So call me Ky. My background is rather complicated, so I’ll give you the important information here. I’m Loki’s priest – I was called to be his priest about five years ago, but I didn’t take up that mantle until 2016. From there, I became the co-founder of Loki’s Wyrdlings, a Facebook group that encourages fringe Pagans and Heathens to grow as a healthy community.

Alongside being Loki’s priest, I have been a practicing Devotional Polytheist for the last 9 years, and Pagan for the last 19 years. I am a strong advocate of living religion – I believe that the gods communicate with us through UPG (unverified personal gnosis) as well as through their mythologies. I don’t confine myself to a single path, so it’s easiest to define my path by saying I’m an Eclectic Devotional Polytheist who works primarily with the Norse pantheon.

I won’t go into detail about the relationships I hold with these deities, but this list is a list of the ones I have currently established relationships with: Odin, Loki, Freyr, Ullr, Tyr, Thor, Mani, Sigyn, Freyja, and Niorun. I am also working on establishing relationships with: Hermes Trismegistus (in his syncretic form), Quetzalcoatl, and Bast. I view deities as having agency of their own, and I am a strong advocate for developing good relationships with the gods.

Classes I Teach

  • BGD 101: Introduction to Loki
  • BGD 102: Loki’s Role in the Myths
  • BGD 103: Loki’s Role in the Eddas
  • PTM 101: Introduction to Devotional Polytheism
  • PTM 202: Loki’s Functions (Co-Taught with Dael Dhra)
  • SLY 101: Alternative Interpretations of Loki

What to Expect 

In the classes I teach, I expect students to take their time with the courses and pace themselves through the material. I understand that everyone has busy lives, and that holds true for both students and teachers.


Nyki D’Elia (she/her/hers)

My name is Nyki, AKA Sagna Hroeri. I am a biologist, artist and an aspiring writer who has been in a partnership with Loki since at least the mid-1990s. It was approximately 11 years ago that he officially became my Fulltrui (which is essentially an alternate term for “Patron God”). I have yet to claim any official spiritual titles, as I am primarily a solitary practitioner…that is, unless you count the fact that I enjoy referring to myself as ”Loki‘s Padawan”.

While I feel that the foundations of my spirituality are rooted in shamanism and I work primarily with the gods of the Norse Pantheon, I can claim to follow no predefined spiritual path. My own understanding and practice comes from over two decades of devoted study and UPG. The methods I employ for UPG include but are not limited to: some of the “Clair-Senses”, meditation/trance, free-writing, channeling and horsing.

My style of teaching is relatively laid back, as I see myself as less of a teacher and more of a tutor. Loki is the real teacher, in my opinion. That being said, if you actively contribute and it is apparent that you are getting something out of my courses, then I think we’ll all be happy. Encouraging everyone along their own individual path of spiritual growth is my main objective.

Classes I Teach 

  • PTM 201: Lokean UPG
  • MED 101: Loki in Fiction
  • MED 102: Loki in Film



Dael Dhra (she/her/hers)

I’m Dael but sometimes go by Laura.  I currently reside in Minnesota but I’ve lived all over the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. I live with my dog and two rabbits, am a self-professed nerd and gamer, and I read and garden, especially herbs. My particular interest is in medicinal herbalism.

I’ve been Pagan of some form for some fifteen years now, culminating in walking the Norse Pagan path I’m venturing down today.

Students –

Be advised, I will challenge and expect you to think. Most of my program will be designed to make you think and find answers for yourself because I believe that those you find on your own have more value. I feel the freedom to find your own way is vital.  What I will provide is a starting point, suggestions and ideas —and you will need to make it your own. This means the more you put in, the more you’ll get out.

Classes I Teach 

  • PTM 102: Prayers and Offerings for Loki
  • PTM 103: Rituals for Loki
  • PTM 202: Loki’s Functions (Co-Taught with Ky Greene)

Tom Bainbridge

Classes I Teach

  • RNE 101: Introduction to Runes
  • RNE 102: Rune Casting
  • RNE 103: Rune Magic
  • GAC 301: The Goði/Gyðja
  • GAC 302: On the Gods and Their Priests
  • GAC 303: Ritual and Worship


Marina Boccuzzi (she/her/hers)

My name is Marina Boccuzzi. I am a musician, singer and writer. I have been working with magic on and off for over twenty years. I started out as a teenager, working mostly with Celtic magic and Elemental magic. About two years ago, I started working with Loki and studying the Norse Pantheon. But something was missing. Loki helped me and I discovered demonaltry and Qliphoth and high magic. Suddenly everything made sense.

We have light and darkness in ourselves. To ignore or destroy the darkness, we are essentially destroying ourselves. I have no official titles but see myself walking a fine line between shamanism and a ritual magic user. I am more of a “Listener” than a “Speaker.” But I will help you imagine the rich and diverse history of the Norse Pantheon relating to Loki. You will see that Loki exists and breathes in the places he haunts: of fire and smoke and glittering caves. History is alive and very colorful.

Classes I Teach 

  • HIS 101: Historical Survey of Loki



Mercy Boeck (she/he/they)

Along with Heathenry, I practice Native American spirituality, Voudun, and traditional witchcraft.

My patrons are quite varied. In Native spirituality, I have my totems and spirit. They say four stay with you, and four will change as you do.

With Voudun, I honor my loas, one being in the form of a snake.  This snake isn’t given a set name, and the spirits associated with it range from St. Anne to the three kings. The other is also in the form a snake (some call her Santa Muerta la Dominatora). She is the snake woman, she is a “hot” loa and can have a temper.

From the Celtic pantheon, I hear the calls of the Morrigan and her Ravens.

Loki is the main male energy on my altar space. When I was in need last year, I offered him a prayer and stated in return for his help, I would always have a space for him in my home. His space encompasses him, Sigyn, and Hella. I also have space for Jormugandr.

Classes I Teach 

  • CRP 101: Creating Altars
  • CRP 102: Creating Ritual Supplies
  • CRP 103: Creating Ritual Cloths
  • SLY 102: Comparative Tricksters I
  • SLY 103: Comparative Tricksters II

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